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    Pop's started this whole thing in 2009 by going to over 100 events, cooking onsite at farmer's markets, street fairs and outdoor events. Ma, the Mad Scientist, added her flavored corn in 2013 and they found great success!


    In 2016 another transition found Ma and Pop's leaving the Milwaukee area to head up north to Door County. Washington Island is now home for them and they will have a store open by the fall of 2016, stay up to date with the happenings on our FB page!


    The Milwaukee area will be glad to know their son, Mark, will be popping their recipe at the events you're used to, and some new ones! Check out the calendar below!

    Washington Island, WI

    Popping Daily in Washington Island

    This move has been a dream of ours since visiting Washington Island over 10 years ago. To be able to see it come to fruition has filled us with a joy and excitement that’s almost hard to explain. We’ll be opening up a store on the island and would love have you stop in! It’s going to be on Main Street, right on your way to Rock Island State Park! Not only can you get your Kettle Corn for your camping trip, but you can also get a bag to throw in the cart as you play at the Deer Run Golf Course!

    Milwaukee, WI

    MKE is getting it's POP's ON!

    Yes, we've been gone for a little while from the Southeast part of Wisconsin, but we haven't forgotten about you! We're happy to announce that the Pop's Kettle Corn tradition will be carried on by our son, Mark, this summer.


    He'll be picking up right where we left off by going to fairs and supplying you with probably the best kettle corn you've ever had. Keep up to date with our happenings @ Facebook or the Google Calendar just below!


    Pop's Kettle Corn is also cooking at Markets & Fairs! Come Visit!


    Pop's Kettle Corn is a Family Owned & Operated Business. When it comes to ALL of the popcorn whether it's a Flavored Popcorn or Kettle Corn, these are the three people in charge of making it. Enjoy!

    Mom & Pops

    CEO & The Real CEO

    These two people exude love and appreciation. Since 2009 they have supported each other throughout the Pop's Kettle Corn endeavor. They continue to produce a great quality of snack with their secret ingredient, love. Don't believe me, go see for yourself either at the store or one of the many events they attend!

    Son, Mark

    CPO, Chief Popping Officer

    This guy has LOVED seeing what his parents have made with PKC and wanted to find out just how far Pop's can pop. He'll be coming back from China in June and be hitting up all of the places you have been used to seeing Pop's in SouthEast Wisconsin. Stay in touch, you can catch him and some rays this summer!

  • Flavors & Mixes

    Pop's Original Kettle Corn

    Maple Syrup w/Real Bacon

    Creamy Carmel Corn

    White Cheddar Parmesan Garlic

    White Cheddar

    Jalapeno Cheddar Cheese

    Cheddar Cheese

    Gourmet White w/Sea Salt

    Carmel Cashew

    Carmel Pecan

    Carmel Kettle Corn

    Chocolate Covered Creamy Carmel

    White Chocolate Creamy Carmel


    Double Trouble Mix

  • Pop's Story

    One day, just like most, Richard Knudsen woke up with an idea in his head. He turned over to his lovely wife Terri and whispered "Kettle Corn." After thirty plus years of marriage, Terri was used to his cravings and knew they would soon be satisfied, because on this fall day there would be a street fair that would set the Knudsen family history in a path it would never want to diverge from!

    Just like every small town in Wisconsin, Wind Lake throws a little street festival every fall to get the community together. If you've ever been, you'd know it's on Wind Lake Road and it's full of a lot of different vendors. Pop's made for the kettle corn the moment it came into sight, ordered up a bag and continued on his way. They meandered through the fair checking out tents, but something just wasn't settle right with Pop's. After a couple of tastes of that delicious Kettle Corn, his murmurings from the morning came to fruition, he turned to Gram and said, "We have to share Kettle Corn with the WORLD!"

    Gram entertained the idea of this comment and listen to Pop's "well thought-out plan of action." After one or two more conversations, they felt drawn to the venture and decided to proceed with caution. Six months, four states and one or two more conversations later and Pop's Kettle Corn was born! 

    What you have now grown to love, even enough to visit this webpage and read this story took Pop's many takes. Pop's calls it a "family recipe," but to be quite honest even his kids don't know what the secret ingredient is. Depending on which of his boys you ask you'll get a different answer. Ricky thinks the heat applied to the mixture is the perfect amount, Michael says it's the way he stirs the corn and Mark just thinks it's the love the man pours into each batch. 

    Pop's loves that you love his Kettle Corn and can't thank you enough for your support. This comes from a man who feels guilty taking money from a smiling little face that can hardly see over the counter. We have heard a lot of great feedback from our customers, but one resonates so much that we put it on our shirts.


    "Simply the Best"


    Keep your tabs on what's happening @ Pop's Kettle Corn!